Gone are the days when education revolved around attaining knowledge and scoring well for examinations. Today, it is all about the global experience! Academics is not a mere destination anymore. Rather, it is an enlightening journey that will equip an individual for a better and brighter tomorrow”. This was the vision Mr. John M Punnoose had in mind when he established his dream and brainchild, Clairoice Worldwide Education in 2013.

At Clairoice, we focus on guiding and assisting students who are interested to pursue their studies abroad by providing them with comprehensive service packages that are customized to suit each aspirant’s interests, requirements and skills. The very name ‘Clairoice’ resonates with our sole objective – it is made up of two words; ‘Clair’ which means ‘Clear’ in French and the English word ‘Choice’. Yes, you can come to us if your future looks hazy and we will help you make a ‘Clear Choice’ from our vast network of universities spread across UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Singapore and Malaysia. Our headquarters is housed in Kottayam, Kerala and we also have a branch office in Kochi.

Clairoice is a young but steadfast group that is keen on lending wings to students so that they can realize their dreams and fulfil their destinies. Our customer-centric work culture, state of the art infrastructure and dedicated staff guarantee that we deliver services of exceptional quality, without fail.


Our mission is to hand-hold our clients through the processes and procedures that are relevant to pursue an education overseas. It is quite natural for the candidates to feel clueless and overwhelmed when going through the admission process. Fret not, as Clairoice will be your knight in shining armour! Our team is fully aware of the complexities involved when it comes to enrolling yourself (in a course) at a college abroad and we guarantee to guide you through each and every step, from beginning to end.


Clairoice Worldwide Education LLP was commenced with a glorious vision – To make overseas education accessible to any applicant who wishes to go out into the world to experience the multifaceted advantages of global education. If you dream of paving your way to a brilliant career and a dazzling future, then we will make your dream a reality! We always aim to work towards the best interests of our clients and will never stop until we are assured that they are fully satisfied with our services.


Clairoice is indeed a value-driven organization that focuses on delivering top-notch, one-stop solutions to every single one of our customer’s requirements. Apart from our team’s dedication and determination, it is our well-grounded principles that set us apart from the crowd. In fact, our success mantra has a lot to do with the fact that the services we provide are closely knit to the values that our team so fervently hold close to their hearts. Owing to this factor, our clientele pool keeps getting bigger – most of our customers reach out to us through personal recommendations from their friends and family, while the others are referred to us by similar consultancies, diplomatic representatives, and international organizations.





John M Punnoose, Chairman

A man of innovation and entrepreneurial farsightedness, Mr. Punnoose is the force that keeps Clairoice afloat and more importantly, ahead of its contemporaries. Being the holder of a master’s degree in International Business, Mr. Punnoose with his deep-rooted zeal for perfection and a keen eye for detail plays a vital role in the strategic planning, task delegation and quality assessment of the company. The unparalleled administration of Mr. Punnoose combined with the enthusiasm and dedication of the Clairoice team makes it possible to render quality service to every single customer who walks into our offices.

Anija Merline Eapen, CEO

A psychology graduate with a diploma in International Air Transport Association (IATA) from Montreal, Canada, Ms. Eapen is a pillar of strength and a constant source of inspiration to the Clairoice group. As the head of the admission and visa documentation departments, she vigorously encourages the company to climb up the ladder of success, one sturdy step at a time. Being the industrious ball of energy, she works around the clock to build a competent team that is dynamic, driven and dedicated.

How We Function — In a nutshell

The Clairoice group strongly believes that every learner has unique needs, inclinations, and capabilities. We keep this factor in mind when we help a new client. Our experts suggest from a choice of cutting-edge courses, taking into consideration the client’s age, academic qualification, English fluency, hobbies, subject preferences and most importantly their individuality and also countless other aspects that are essential to determine whether the applicant will meet all the required parameters for admission. Our consultant specialists will also guide them through other nuances of overseas education like procuring funds, arranging for accommodation, securing part-time jobs and so on based on their requirements.